About Us

We in Brief

Started in 2000, we continue our work in the field of paint and chemistry relentlessly. We follow the demands of the sectors related to paint shop maintenance and protection, protective coatings globally. In line with the developments in this sense, we continue our R&D activities in order to offer more performance products to our customers.

We will continue to provide you with the best at an affordable price with the power and energy we receive from you and the mind and health that my Lord has blessed.

Cebrail Yumrutepe

Our products that we are currently producing;

  • Solvent Based Peelable White Coating
  • Solvent Based Peelable Clear Coating
  • Water Based Peelable White Coating
  • Water Based Peelable Translucent Coating
  • Water Based Oven Dust Collector
  • Water Based Dust Catcher Of Flash
  • Paint Booth Dust And Paint Retention Coating
  • Paint Booth Grating Coating
  • Gel Paint Remover
  • Liquid Paint Remover
  • Paint Digester Powder
  • Paint Digester Liquid
  • Paint Floater
  • We also produce various types of Quagulant and Flocculant types.
    Water-based and Solvent-based peelable floor coatings for paint booths and other areas,
  • Water or Solvent Based peelable coatings in different types and properties for special purposes, we will present the products we are working on in addition to these products to your use over time.

We produce solutions with our innovative and flexible production capabilities.

Solution Partnership

We are able to produce suitable solutions in line with our customers' production targets.

Strategic Solutions

We are able to offer solutions for our customers' project-based and different operational works.

Innovative Solutions

We update our products by closely and relevantly following the developing chemical technology.

Social Responsibility

We are aware of our global responsibilities and respect nature and people in this sense.