Paint Shop Maintenance

Peelable Coatings

It is the product range we produce to increase the paint quality in industrial paint shops, to reduce the contamination caused by paint and to accelerate the cleaning of the contamination. It provides great convenience to users especially in wet dye houses. The products are listed below in headings

  • Waterborne Opaque Coating
  • Waterborne Translucent Coating
  • Solvent Based Opaque Coating
  • Solvent Based Clear Coating

We have products for different needs and in different colors.

  • Dust and Paint Retaining Coatings (Tacky Surface Coating And Oven Coat)

Tacky Surface Coating Dust and Paint Retention Coating, Oven Coat Powder Coating and Solvent Vapor Retention Coating We have productions for different needs.

  • Dust and Paint Retaining Grill Coatings (Grill Protection)
  • Paint Scavenger Grid Coating Dry Type
  • Paint Catcher Grid Coating Wet Type
    Boyahane Pool Chemicals
  • Paint Decomposing Powder Chemical (Aquarite C) Paint Decomposing Liquid
  • Chemical (Couagulant) Paint Floating Liquid Chemical (Floqulant) Silicone Free Defoamer
  • Biocid (Bacteria Inhibitor)
  • Ph Adjuster
  • Paint Stripping Unit

We have different solutions according to paint types.

Paint and manufacturing contamination cleaner

  • Paint Remover Liquid
  • Paint Remover Gel

We have solutions according to your needs.

Paint shop floor coverings

Coating for paint preparation and application areas, we have solutions according to your needs.

  • Consumable Overalls Floor Foil
  • Measuring Cups
  • Tire Mounting Fluid
  • Gloves Wiping cloths as needed
  • Wall Foils
  • Garbage Bags
  • Glasses Mask
  • Mob Alcoholic Cloth
  • We can produce tire mounting fluids in different viscosities and specifications.
  • Other masking films with adhesive (floor and wall inside the cabin, production areas),
  • Lint-free cleaning cloths,
  • Lint-free mop ropes,
  • We can produce flame retardant films and anti-static films.