Metal Surface Treatment Solutions

Iron phosphate

  • Spray Iron Phosphate
  • Spray Iron Phosphate Multi Metal
  • Immersion Iron Phosphate
  • Immersion Iron Phosphate Multi Metal
  • Our iron phosphate products do not require a preliminary degreasing bath. Our iron phosphate products work at low temperatures and are effective.

Zinc Phosphate

  • Spray Zinc Phosphate
  • Dipping Zinc Phosphate
  • 2-cation and 3-cation Zinc phosphates are available.


  • We have spray and dip type chromate products.
  • Our products contain chrome 6 or chrome 3.
  • Our chromate products coat at low temperature and in a short time.

As surface treatment products

  • Chromium and Chromium Free Passivations
  • Rust Inhibitors
  • Alkaline Or Acidic Degreasers
  • Non-yellowing and non-sedimenting degreaser for aluminum and other products in line with the needs.

Spinneret cleaning chemicals and ultrasonic washing chemicals.

Passivation chemicals needed in the cleaning of sensitive parts for medical optics and defense industry are also included in our portfolio.

Chrome 6-3 and chrome-free passivations are available.