Protective Coatings

In the last decade, peelable protective coating films have been preferred over adhesive foils in many countries, especially in the USA, Australia and the European Union. The reason for this, apart from being an environmentally friendly material, is that this special system can be used not only in the construction, architecture and contracting sectors, but also in sectors such as decoration, marine, automotive, health, advertising and defense industry.

100% Security and Protection

KORUFLEX & PEELFLEX peelable coatings do not contain solvents that can cause serious harm to nature or humans. Provides 100% UV protection on the desired surface. In cases where sparks can cause serious fires, it offers a solution that is not affected by static electricity and does not catch fire. As it is not affected by static electricity, it also has insulating properties. KORUFLEX & PEELFLEX is a water-based protective coating that protects the applied surface 100% from substances such as water, oil and paint in cases where substances such as water, oil and paint can cause serious damage to the surface.

Easy Application

One of the biggest features of KORUFLEX & PEELFLEX is that it can be applied with a gun, roller or brush as if it were paint in liquid form and peels off like a film when it dries. Also; it does not easily separate from the surface like the commonly used adhesive foils and does not leave any adhesive residue when removed.

Provides Effective Protection Protects the applied surface and protects it against the threats it may encounter.

It is applied to non-porous surfaces that are not intended to be damaged as if it were paint.

KORUFLEX – PEELFLEX protects your surfaces.

Protective coating for painted surfaces
Protective coating for marble, granite, tile etc. surfaces
Protective coating for metal surfaces
Protective coating for plastic surfaces
Protective coating suitable for laser cutting
Tailor-made special coatings
Protective tape cleaning gel on handrails or anodized surfaces Protective foil with or without balloons for doors and stairs